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Upgrade your financial
coaching program
Jump Credit gives you the tools needed help your clients with their credit, manage your program, and prove your impact.
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Credit Reports Designed For Financial Coaching
Credit reports are complicated. Jump Credit makes credit reports into approachable, engaging and actionable documents, saving you time and helping you talk solutions with your client quicker.
Personalized Action Plans
Generate realistic and actionable steps to help your clients towards a better credit score. We help you identify some key focus areas, allowing you to spend less time trying to identify problems and more time working through solutions.
Quickly identify focus areas
Credit Score
We provide clients with a credit score estimate letting them know how they’re doing. It's helpful to know if you’re doing well or if your credit could use some work.
Get an idea of where they stand
Credit Report Card
We explain the key factors that make up credit scores and give your clients a grade. We let them know what the goal is and how they compare.
Know what's driving their score
Account Summary
Get an idea of what types of accounts appear on their report and your clients current debt situation.
Get an idea of what accounts are present
Enhanced Credit Report
Your client's credit report is organized based on account type and status. Easily review the important information for each account.
Dive into the report
Financial Terms Explained
Add definitions and context to all items on the report, making it easier for your clients to understand what the items on their report mean and how they got there.
Self-contained explanations
Easily Run Your Financial Coaching Program
Jump Credit can help you spend more time helping clients by automating the simple stuff.
Easy File Sending

Quickly email your client their credit report directly through the application—no need to log into your email account to send files.

Secure File Sending

Emailed credit report are automatically passcode protected. Text a client their passcode just by entering their phone number.

Custom Email Templates

Create an email filled with additional information about your organization's services that will be sent to all your clients with their report.

Impact Tracking

Easy view your program's impact and clients' improvements on key credit metrics.

Collect Analytics

Automatically collect aggregated analytics about your clients including their average (estimated) credit score and debt levels.

Manage Your Organization

Easily add new staff members and volunteers to your organization.

Start helping your clients with their credit
  • Easily integrated into your existing services
  • Help your clients in minutes with just a few clicks
  • Track your program's impact and reach
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