Feature Jump Credit Reports in Spanish

This feature is in early access mode. While we collect feedback and continue to develop this feature, please excuse any text that remains in English or translations that need improvement.

We are excited to announce that Jump Credit Reports are now available in Spanish. Before uploading the credit report, coaches can now select English or Spanish from the language toggle. Selecting Spanish will generate a Jump Credit Report with the client's personalized action plan, credit score report card, and explanations of credit terms all in Spanish.

To see a preview of the Jump Credit Report in Spanish, click here.

There is no extra charge for generating a Jump Credit Report in both English and Spanish by uploading the same report twice.

As part of our personalized action plans for clients, we link to various .gov resources. Where available, we link to the corresponding Spanish articles on consumerfinance.gov and ftc.gov.

... Approximately 61.6 million individuals, foreign and U.S. born, spoke a language other than English at home. While the majority of these individuals also spoke English with native fluency or very well, about 41 percent (25.1 million individuals) were considered limited English proficient (LEP). Studies conducted by federal agencies and other stakeholders have highlighted that receipt of materials in consumers’ native languages is essential to increasing these consumers’ knowledge about financial products and services.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 2021

Credit Translations Glossary

For some phrases, credit websites and blogs use a variety of terms to describe the same credit topic. For example "charge-off," which can also be confusing in English when combined with terms like "uncollectible" or "written off," has a few different translation options. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has a great English to Spanish guide for many financial terms. Here are some of the credit terms we use in our reports:

English Spanish Other Translations
Credit report Informe crediticio "informe de crédito"
Revolving account Cuentas rotativas
Installment account Cuentas a plazos "préstamo fraccionado"
Public records Registros públicos
Bankruptcy Bancarrota
Collections Cobros "una cuenta en cobranza" or "colección"
Charge-offs Deudas incobrables "deuda cancelada" or "calificada como incobrable"
Hard inquiries Consultas duras
Thin File Expediente insuficiente

We've also translated text associated with individual accounts on the credit report, including Account Types, Terms, and Remarks. As there are many possible Account Types and Remarks that can appear on an account, we've put together lists of the top 50 most common for each type and their Spanish translation.

Here is the credit score scale with the translated score ranges. "Great / muy bueno" appears on scales for FICO® Scores.

credit score scale in spanish
VantageScore Scale


If you conduct credit coaching sessions in Spanish, it would be great to hear from you. Please reach out with any comments or suggestions!

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