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Reference Spanish Translations for Loan Types

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For every account on a credit report there is an "Account Type" (one of 5 options: revolving, installment, mortgage, line of credit, and open) and a "Loan Type" (such as credit card, secured credit card, or charge card). Some credit report formats don't display the Account Type on the report, but generally it can be inferred from the Loan Type.

There are at least seventy Loan Types that can appear on credit report. However, our analysis shows that over 80% of all accounts are one of fifteen Loan Types.

In order to offer full support for credit reports in Spanish we've put together an English-Spanish dictionary for Loan Types. We predict our full database covers 99% of all credit accounts. Below is a list of the 50 most common Loan Types and their Spanish translations. The list is ordered from most common to least common.

English Spanish
Credit Card Tarjeta de crédito
Charge Account Cuenta de cargo
Educational Educativo
Education Loan Préstamo educativo
Debt Buyer Comprador de deuda
Auto Loan Préstamo automóvil
Collection Cobro
Student Loan Préstamo estudiantil
Flexible Spending Credit Card Tarjeta de crédito de gasto flexible
Unsecured Loan Prestamo no asegurado
Unsecured No asegurado
Auto Automóvil
Charge Card Tarjeta de cargo
Conventional Real Estate Mortgage Hipoteca inmobiliaria convencional
Secured Credit Card Tarjeta de crédito asegurada
Secured Loan Préstamo asegurado
Line of Credit Línea de crédito
Secured Asegurado
Installment Sales Contract Contrato de venta a plazos
Education Educación
Automobile Automóvil
Debt Buyer Account Cuenta de comprador de deuda
Collection Agency/Attorney Agencia / abogado de cobro
Auto Lease Arrendamiento de automóvil
Unknown Desconocido
Rental Agreement Contrato de arrendamiento
Conventional Real Estate Inmobiliaria convencionales
Lease Arrendamiento
Recreational Merchandise Mercancía recreativa
Family Support Apoyo a la familia
Note Loan Préstamo con pagaré
Telecommunication/Cellular Telecomunicaciones / celular
Home Equity Capital de la casa
FHA Real Estate Mortgage Hipoteca inmobiliaria FHA
FMHA Real Estate Mortgage Hipoteca inmobiliaria FMHA
Telecommunications/Cellular Telecomunicaciones / celular
Child Support Apoyo a los niños
Deposit Related Depósito relacionado
Real Estate Junior Liens Inmobiliaria gravámenes junior
Conventional Real Estate Mtg Hipoteca inmobiliaria convencional
Real Estate Inmobiliaria
Federal Housing Administration FHA (administración federal de vivienda)
Medical Debt Deuda médica
Utility Company Empresa de servicios públicos
Manufactured Housing Vivienda manufacturada
Factoring Company Account Cuenta de empresa de factoring
Business Loan - Individual Is Personally Responsible Préstamo de empresas - el individuo es personalmente responsable
Household Goods Artículos de uso doméstico
Cell Phone Teléfono celular


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