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Reference Spanish Translations for Account Remarks

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Remarks on a credit report are comments associated with an account. Typically remarks are seen on closed accounts explaining why the account was closed or on collections or charge-offs explaining the status of the negative account.

In order to offer full support for credit reports in Spanish we've put together an English-Spanish dictionary for the most common Remarks seen on a credit report. Here's a list of the 50 most common Remarks and their Spanish translations, listed by frequency from highest to lowest.

English Spanish
Closed Cerrado
Paid And Closed Pagado y cerrado
Placed For Collection Colocados para el cobro
Fixed Rate Tipo fijo
Transfer Or Sold Transferencia o venta
Account Closed By Credit Grantor Cuenta cerrada por el otorgante del crédito
Account Closed By Consumer Cuenta cerrada por el consumidor
Unpaid No pagado
Medical Médico
Account Closed Due To Transfer Cuenta cerrada por transferencia
Account Closed At Consumer'S Request Cuenta cerrada a petición del consumidor
Collection Account Cuenta de cobro
Paid Collection Cobro pagado
Charged Off As Bad Debt Calificar como deuda incobrable
Inactive Account Cuenta inactiva
Account Information Disputed By Consumer, Meets Fcra Requirements Información de la cuenta disputada por el consumidor, cumple con los requisitos de la fcra
Charged Off Account Cuenta de deuda incobrable
Purchased By Another Lender Comprada por otro prestamista
Transfer Transferencia
Payment Deferred Pago aplazado
Account Closed Due To Refinance Cuenta cerrada por refinanciación
Transferred To Another Office Transferido a otra oficina
Student Loan Assigned To Government Préstamo estudiantil asignado al gobierno
Profit And Loss Write-Off Cancelación de ganancias y pérdidas
Consumer Disputes This Account Information El consumidor disputa la información de esta cuenta
Transferred To Another Lender Transferido a otro prestamista
Payment After Charge Off/Collection Pago después de deuda incobrable/cobro
Dispute Resolved Disputa resuelta
Student Loan - Payment Deferred Préstamo estudiantil - pago aplazado
Account Closed Due To Inactivity Cuenta cerrada por inactividad
Paid Pagado
Acct Closed Due To Transfer Cuenta cerrada por transferencia
Unpaid Balance Charged Off Saldo impagado calificado como incobrable
Student Loan Permanently Assigned To Government Préstamo estudiantil asignado permanentemente al gobierno
Affected By Natural Disaster Afectado por un desastre natural
Closed By Credit Grantor Cerrado por el otorgante del crédito
Consumer Disputes After Resolution Disputas del consumidor después de la resolución
Credit Card Lost Or Stolen Tarjeta de crédito perdida o robada
Variable/Adjustable Rate Tipo de interés variable/ajustable
Account Closed At Credit Grantor'S Request Cuenta cerrada a petición del otorgante del crédito
Customer Disagrees El cliente no está de acuerdo
Reported By Grantor Denunciado por el otorgante
Paid In Full/Was A Charge Off Pagada en su totalidad/era una deuda incobrable
Paid Charge Off Deuda incobrable pagada
Transfer Or Sold Or Paid Transferencia o venta o pago
Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Bancarrota capítulo 7
Settled - Less Than Full Balance Liquidada - saldo inferior al total


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