Credit Reports Designed for Financial Coaching
Spend more time helping your client understand what's on their report and what they can do about it. The Jump Credit Report makes your client's data more engaging and actionable, allowing you to spend more time discussing solutions with your client.

There are two ways to get a Jump Credit Report:
Upload an Annual Credit Report
First, obtain a free Annual Credit Report, then upload it into Jump Credit. It will be instantly transformed into a Jump Credit Report.
Pull a Jump Credit Report Directly
Enter the client's information directly into the Jump Credit platform, and pull a report without leaving the application.
Automate Your Data Collection
Track over 30 key data points on your clients' credit profiles. The credit metrics are automatically collected every time a new report is uploaded—no more manual data entry. All data collected is rendered into customizable charts, easily exportable for your website and impact statements.
Count Coaching Sessions
Keep a running total of how many clients your organization has helped across multiple locations over time.
Track Key Metrics
View a breakdown of your clients' total debt, scores, and inquiries, as well as over 30 other metrics.
Credit Card Balances
Avg: $2,024 Med: $220 N: 100
Clients Reached
Site A: 50 Site B: 30 Site C: 20
Credit Scores
Avg: 611 Med: 610 N: 100
Automatic Impact Tracking
Automatically pull a follow-up credit score for your client 2- and 4-months after their initial visit. You'll easily be able to see exactly how much you've helped your clients with their credit, and can export the data for use on your organization's website.
Multiple Metrics to Track
In addition to your average 2- and 4-month score increases, view how many clients have gone from credit invisible / thin-file to scoreable based on your program's guidance.
Follow up score timeline
Illustrative data, results will vary. Follow-up scores at additional credit cost and only for directly pulled reports.
Easily & Securely Send Reports
After you create a simple email template with your organization's information, simply type in your client's email address to send them their credit report and Jump Credit Report. You can easily include information about your follow-up services so that your clients know where to go if they need additional help.
Every file sent is encrypted, and we attempt to redact all highly sensitive information.
Create different email templates for different staff members or programs.
Impact Statement Templates
We've created a few templates to help get you started. You can use these templates and your analytics charts to create a short summary of your program that you can easily share.
Start helping your clients with their credit
  • Easily integrated into your existing services
  • Help your clients in minutes with just a few clicks
  • Track your program's impact and reach
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